As a leading Manufacturer for Brass Turned Parts, Super Impex has made a name in High Volume and Mass Production of Precision Brass Turned Parts and Components. We manufacture and export a wide variety of Brass Turned Parts worldwide. We are serving a manufactured range of Brass Turned Parts in Automotive, Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Medical, Plastic Injection Molding and many other industries. For Turned parts manufacturing, each material including Brass, Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Copper requires a different process, approaches and methods. All Brass Turned Parts are manufactured with the highest industrial grades and international standard. Brass Turned Parts are available with features like high accuracy and precision. The range of Brass Turned Parts are widely used for various machining and turning procedures and are highly applied in high heat dissipation area.

Features of Brass Turned Parts

Applications of Brass Turned Parts

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