We are very pleased to introduce our company which is known all over the continent, as a manufacturer of Precision Brass Components. We are very sure that, there is a product in a huge range of brass parts which will meet your expectation and requirements.

Our current communications facilities and process expertise of our team help us in delivering the precision engineered range of Precision Brass Parts Jamnagar. Our Company has walked through several years, gaining valuable experience. Our products have gained a reputation with consultants and approvals of users. Our company also builds and delivers an unrivaled assortment of hard-working products and solutions. We are catering to an ever-increasing demand for a variety of brass components for various industries such as electronic, electrical, agricultural equipment, durable consumable, industrial goods etc.

Our range of Brass components includes:

Brass AnchorsBrass Line TapsBrass Washers
Brass AssembliesBrass Neutral LinksConnectors for T-Blocks
Brass Battery TerminalsBrass NutsDecorative Hardware
Brass BoltsBrass Pannel BoardElectrical Contacts
Brass Earthing EquipmentsBrass PCB TerminalsElectrical Switch Gear Parts
Brass Electrical PluginsBrass PillarsElectronic Pins Parts
Brass Eye BoltsBrass Precision PartsPipe Fitting Inserts
Brass HRC FuseBrass ScrewSpecial Brass Turned Parts
Brass InsertsBrass Sheet Cutting

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